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Track Selling System:™
The Complete Selling Process

Track Selling System Flashdrive audio


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Description: 1 Flashdrive - covering each of the seven steps in the Track Selling System™


The techniques, ideas and actions presented in this library will help you generate more sales, more income and have more fun.

The Track Selling System™ Flashdrive audio teaches and reviews the Track Selling System™, a unique selling process -- a proven effective scientific approach to selling. The key words here are SALES PROCESS; without a process, sales are unpredictable and happen by chance.

The Track Selling System Flashdrive audio will allow you a review of a concept or skill presented in the Track Selling System™ workshop, as well as new material for continued sales education.

The Track Selling System™ Flashdrive will allow you to apply continuous improvement of the selling process. Noted economist and business consultant, W. Edwards Deming -- father of Total Quality Management (TQM), believes that without engaging in a process, salespeople are more likely to flounder rather than flourish.

The flexibility of the Flashdrive audio allows you to improve your selling skills almost anywhere, at any time. And, you can benefit from the ideas and techniques time and again - to review a step before an important call, evaluate your performance after a call or to simply sharpen your skills as a sales professional.

The Track Selling System™ Flashdrive audio is presented by Roy E. Chitwood, CSP, CSE; and previous President and CEO of Max Sacks International.

Track Selling System™ Flashdrive Audio 

  • Selling as a Profession
  • Building Your Professional Sales Career
  • Selling...is Selling...is Selling
  • What is a Salesperson
  • Listening
  • Let Your Customers Do the Talking
  • The Six Buying Motives and Feature-Benefit-Reaction
  • Tangible Features Versus Intangible Benefits
  • The Five Buying Decisions
  • Track Selling System™ Overview
  • Step 1: Approach
  • Step 2: Qualification
  • Step 3: Agreement on Need Step
  • 4: Sell the Company Step
  • 5: Fill the Need Step
  • 6: Act of Commitment Step
  • 7: Cement the Sales
  • Overcoming Objections
  • The Partnership Agreement™
  • Your Appearance
  • Your People Skills
  • Your Wheel of Activity™
  • Prospecting
  • Setting Goals

Track Selling System Flashdrive audio

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