World Class Customer Service™ Workshop

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Program Description:

Despite the public relations hoopla that surrounds customer service today, exemplary service is the exception rather than the rule. There's a disconnect between the slick ad campaigns and corporate mission statements on the one hand, and the realities of everyday customer experiences on the other.

Customer service today has many new challenges. It requires the most contemporary and most professional people skills available. Customer service representatives must be able to differentiate themselves in a crowded indifferent world. It is essential they increase customer service without becoming cynical with difficult customers.

Yet study after study reveal three critical findings every employee, especially those interacting with customers, must consider:

1. It costs, on average, 6 - 10 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one

2. Existing customers account for a majority of sales

3. Referral business generated from satisfied customers is substantial

Regardless of the title held, every employee is selling or unselling his or her company every hour, every day. If the customer is king, the second most important person in the kingdom must be the person who has a direct interaction on a daily basis with the king. No other position impacts the customer, or the bottom line, more. Consequently, excellent customer service must be the desire, not the duty. If reversed, the result can be devastating.

Therefore, we believe excellent customer service requires you to ask a single question: "How would I like to be treated?" Don't let its simplicity undermine its value because the height of complexity is simplicity. Once you've answered this question, World Class Customer Service provides the steps for making it happen (please see program outline).

Your organization will benefit greatly by using the proven blueprint World Class Customer Service provides during every customer interaction. Your senior people will build on their experience, learning new and effective techniques for building even stronger relationships with your customers in addition to eliminating detrimental actions. Your newer people will benefit by learning a proven, organized customer service procedure, avoiding the negative actions and traps which often strike inexperienced, unknowing employees.


Program Objectives:

  •  To orient participants to the value of happy satisfied customers and how this contributes to increased sales and profits.
  •  To teach a customer service process that will improve communication, attitude, employee morale and self-worth.
  •  To show how World Class Customer Service impacts corporate culture.
  •  To teach a proven, effective communication process that leaves nothing to chance.
  •  To motivate employees to use the newly learned techniques for greater success in their business and personal lives.


What Will Participants Learn?


  1. Why we lose our customers.
  2. Our customer service vision.
  3. Seven Deadly Sins of customer service.
  4. Seven ways to deliver World Class Customer Service.
  5. Building a successful career.
  6. The Five Relationship Building Decisions.
  7. The Seven Steps to World Class Customer Service.
  8. Importance of physical appearance.
  9. Attitude and its effect on relationships.
  10. How to develop rapport and concern.
  11. Effective communication.
  12. Active listening.
  13. Seven ways to improve your people effectiveness.
  14. Questioning techniques: kinds, types, and how to use.
  15. Developing customer care questions.
  16. Dealing with the customer from hell.
  17. Individual development of the "TRACK Dialogue".
  18. Review of individual dialogues.
  19. Fine-tuning the "TRACK".
  20. Gaining closure to the communication.
  21. What customers really want.
  22. Developing an effective personal customer service philosophy.
  23. The importance of goals.

Throughout the course, the basic steps in the learning process are utilized. First, the participants learn facts, principles, techniques and skills. Next, they relate what they have learned to the real world, so that it makes sense to them. They understand how to use the new skills and techniques in dealing with their customers. They then practice what they have learned through role-playing and "Track" exercises.


One-Day Program Outline:

Keys to World Class Customer Service

  •  Why We Lose Our Customers
  •  Our Customer Service Vision
  •  7 Deadly Sins of Customer Service
  •  7 Ways to Deliver World Class Customer Service
  •  Building My Career

    A Scientific Approach to World Class Customer Service

  •  5 Relationship Building Decisions
  •  The "TRACK" - Seven Steps to World Class Customer Service
  •  How to use the "TRACK" Procedure
  •  The Importance of Rapport and Concern

    The People Business

  •  Effective Communication
        - Why People Respond to Good Customer Service
  •  Active Listening
  •  Dealing with the Customer from Hell
  •  Seven Ways to Improve your People to People Effectiveness
  •  Act Not React
  •  Customer Care Questions
  •  Telemarketing Tips

    Using the "TRACK" to Communicate with Your Customers

  •  Here is the Scenario - How do you Handle it?
  •  Individual Development of the "TRACK Dialogue"
  •  Review of Individual Dialogues
  •  Fine-Tuning the "TRACK"

    World Class Action

  •  Gaining Closure to the Communication
  •  What Customers Really Want
  •  Developing an Effective Personal Customer Service Philosophy
  •  The Importance of Goals

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