Telemarketing Workshop





This custom-designed telemarketing program will deal with your specific needs. The interactive format workshop applies specific selling skills to the telephone. The workshop addresses telemarketing in areas such as prospecting, selling, order taking, customer service, collection, incoming calls, outgoing calls, telephone etiquette, etc.

Workshop participants will learn:

  1. To understand telemarketing.
  2. To recognize and relate to the buyers hidden agenda.
  3. The science of selling.
  4. How to develop an effective telephone script.

The workshop covers the following areas:

  •   The Changing Marketplace.
  •   Why Telemarketing?
  •   Building A Sales Career.
  •   The Buyer's Hidden Agenda.
  •   The Track Selling System - 7 Steps to Telephone Sales.
  •   Qualification And How to Effectively Do It.
  •   Listening - The Key to Communication.
  •   Individual Development Of The Telephone Script.
  •   Fine-tuning The Sales Presentation.
  •   Closing The Sale or Getting The Commitment.
  •   A New Way of Handling Objections.
  •   Setting Goals and Keeping Records.