Sales Management Clinic and Coaching Workshop
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  • The Sales Management Clinic and Coaching Workshop is designed to give managers a clear focus of their objectives and to provide tools that can be put to work immediately at the clinics end.

    Managers participate actively during the workshop, using various techniques and exercises designed to maximize the learning experience. Managers learn how managing differs from selling and then define their responsibilities.

    The ability to select the right person for the job is critical for both the managers success and the success of the company. Hence we then cover the recruiting, selection and training process and teach managers to recognize an applicants "hidden" success attributes. We proceed to discuss the importance of developing and implementing an ongoing training program for your sales personnel.

    The clinic continues by covering the sales marketing management plan and its objectives and is followed with instruction on how to meet objectives and manage the sales area. The clinic concludes with an empowering focus on motivation. Participants learn how to better understand their salespeople, how to affect positive change in their salespeople and how to continually grow in a dynamic market.

    The Sales Management Clinic and Coaching Workshop is held at your choice of location and time and is offered in a one day or two day format.

 The workshop covers the 5 following areas:

  • Managing is Different than Selling
  •   How is it different?
  •   What are the attributes of successful managers?
  •   The art of communicating.
  •   Developing your management style.
  • The Sales Manager's Responsibility
  •   Development of people.
  •   Leadership styles.
  •   Controls, records, reports.
  • Recruiting, Selection and Training of Sales Personnel
  •   The difference between recruiting and selection.
  •   The interviewing process.
  •   The hidden success attributes.
  •   Developing and implementing continuous training programs.
  • The Sales Marketing Management Plan
  •   The Sales Plan: Its objectives and strategies.
  •   How to meet objectives.
  •   Managing the sales area.
  • Motivation 
  •   Understanding the salesperson.
  •   Effecting a behavioral change.
  •   What's required for success in today's marketplace.
  •   Keeping abreast of a dynamic market.

 Workshop participants will learn:

  1. To develop a concise understanding of the responsibilities of a sales manager.
  2. To learn how to interview, select, train and maintain a top performing sales staff.
  3. To learn to delegate, plan, organize and use time effectively.
  4. To learn how management, by opportunity, can give a sales differential.
  5. To develop an effective use of skills and techniques needed to achieve top sales performance from their staff.