The Guaranteed Closeâ„¢:
A Scientific Selling Procedure

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Salespeople often say the most difficult part of selling is closing. Through our famous "Track Sellingâ„¢" method, we convert your selling efforts into a science and eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty of closing. Your people will learn how to close, up to 5 times, without using trickery or high-pressure tactics.

We begin by covering the 5 buying decisions, and the 6 buying motives which are an important factor in every sale. Next, each of the 7 Steps To Successful Selling are thoroughly discussed. Once the reasoning behind each step is understood, the "Track Dialogueâ„¢" is created. This is both a blueprint for planning and a self-evaluation tool. The Track Dialogue can be used in any sales situation.

We then cover handling objections commonly received by the salesperson, such as "I want to think it over," "Your price is too high," "I want to talk to," and all the other hard-rock objections that cause a salesperson to fail to close the sale. Your salespeople will learn to successfully handle objections and continue in the sales process. They will be taught how to close the sale up to five times while still focussing on the customer's needs.

Your people will learn our unique approaches to handling objections, and a guaranteed, scientific method of closing. Veteran salespeople sharpen their closing skills and reinforce what they are already doing right. Less experienced salespeople benefit by learning a proven, organized selling procedure that will build their confidence and increase their call to closing ratio. They will avoid the usual trial and error methods which most new salespeople experience during their first months.

The Guaranteed Close workshop is held at your choice of location and time and is offered in a half-day or full day format.

The workshop covers the 5 following areas:

  • Keys to professional selling
    •   The sales profession is for professionals
    •   Five Buying Decisions and their precise order
    •   Buyer's F.U.D.s (Fears, Uncertainties, Doubts)

      The Selling Process

    •   The Track Selling System
    •   Seven steps to the sale
    •   How to use the Track Selling System
    •   The importance of rapport and qualification
    •   Professional selling questions

      The People Business

    •   Motivation - why people buy
    •   Seven Ways of improving your effectiveness with others

      Using Track Selling to sell your product of service

    •   The Sales Plan
    •   Individual development of the Track Dialogue
    •   Review of individual dialogues
    •   Fine-tuning the sales presentation
    •   A communication procedure

      Closing the sale

    •   The Guaranteed Close
    •   A new way of handling objections
    •   Developing an effective personal selling philosophy
    •   Importance of goals