World Class Sellingâ„¢: One Day Program Outline

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Today's successful salesperson is a consultant, counselor, in fact, partner, having a genuine desire to serve the customer. The World Class SellingTM Seminar teaches the salesperson to be people-oriented, not product-centered. We outline what is required to build a permanent, successful, professional sales career. Through our proven Track Selling SystemTM, we convert your selling efforts into science. Your organization will benefit greatly by having common sales language and a proven blueprint for sales success. The program's balance of people skills and sales science will allow management to begin managing a process, not personalities.

The workshop covers the 6 following areas:

Keys to Professional Selling

  • The Sales Profession is for Professionals
  • Five Buying Decisions and their Precise Order
  • Buyer's F.U.D.s (Fears, Uncertainties, Doubts)

Scientific Selling

  • The Track Selling Systemâ„¢: Seven Steps to the Sale
  • How to use the Track Selling System
  • The Importance of Rapport and Qualification
  • Professional Selling Questions

The People Business

  • Motivation - Why People Buy
  • Seven Ways to Improve Your People Effectiveness
  • Active Listening
  • Building the Relationship

Using Track Selling to Sell Your Product or Service

The Sales Plan

  • The Track Dialogueâ„¢
  • A Communication Procedure

Closing the Sale

  • How to Ask for the Order
  • A New Way of Handling Objections
  • Developing an Effective Personal Selling Philosophy
  • The Importance of Goals

Course Closing

  • Opportunity

What Will Participants Learn?

  1. Building a successful career.
  2. Five Buying Decisions and their precise order.
  3. Buyer's F.U.D.s (Fears, Uncertainties, Doubts).
  4. The Track Selling Systemâ„¢: Seven Steps to The Sale.
  5. The importance of Rapport and Qualification.
  6. Active Listening.
  7. Importance of physical appearance.
  8. Attitude and its effect on relationships.
  9. Professional selling questions.
  10. Motivation - why people buy.
  11. Understanding the customer's needs means more sales.
  12. The Sales Plan.
  13. The Track Dialogueâ„¢.
  14. A communication procedure.
  15. How to ask for the order.