Track Selling Systemâ„¢:
Video Training Program

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The Track Selling System is the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art sales training program available. Created by Max Sacks International, the leading authority in sales training, this program offers a complete and proven sales system using dynamic and effective teaching methods. The Track Selling System integrates concepts, methods and practical application in a step-by-step manner with easy-to-use materials that facilitate the learning process. Please contact our office for additional information.


Track Selling System: Format and Materials

  • Seven video modules with an interactive, instrumental format plus demonstrations, video graphics, real world scenarios.
  • Leader's package which includes an easy-to-use instructor Manual and Overhead Transparencies.
  • "Train the Trainer" program including a one week practice facilitated by Roy E. Chitwood, CSP, CSE, President of Max Sacks International. The trainer will learn the Track Selling System as a participant and how to facilitate the Track Selling System Workshop and how to use the reinforcement package.
  • Participant workbooks, course completion certificates and supplemental materials including a library of 12 audiocassettes for continued learning and reinforcement including a 52 week reinforcement program.
  • A one year, innovative sales management reinforcement program that can be tailored to your organization.

Track Selling System: Methodology

  • Sophisticated, video-driven format, presented by Roy E. Chitwood, CSP, CSE nationally-recognized sales trainer, manager and teacher.
  • Every two to seven minutes, a Video Stop allows the instructor to direct participants to an exercise in their workbooks.
  • Upon completion of the workbook activity, the instructor leads a discussion to reinforce the highlights of the segment, draw conclusions and summarize the information presented utilizing the overhead transparencies provided.
  • In addition to workbook exercises, the "Instructor Manual" also provides the instructor with classroom demonstrations, exercises and role play scenarios to further the learning process.
  • All instructions for effective delivery are provided for the instructor including how to set up the classroom, how to conduct the role plays, how to lead the group discussions, the timing of each activity and a variety of other tips and checklists to ensure program success.

Track Selling System: Course Objectives

  • To provide a comprehensive sales training program with transferable sales skills that can be universally applied.
  • To deliver the highest quality sales training program available using state-of-the-art technology and teaching methods.
  • To reinforce the skills learned with a year-long follow-up program and on-going support system.

Track Selling System: Program Benefits

  • For Participants:
    • Offers salespeople an effective procedure for selling their product or service.
    • Effectively sells participants on selling as a profession.
    • Builds confidence.
    • Helps participants learn to successfully sell value, not price.
    • Increases sales skills and performance to outsell competition.
    • Improves communication abilities.
    • Provides in-depth knowledge and understanding of the sales process.
    • Includes materials to continually reinforce the newly acquired sales skills.
    • Interaction with a video moderator who is an experienced salesperson, manager and trainer who has been teaching people to sell since 1960.

    For Sales Management:

    • Provides an easy-to-manage sales process.
    • Teaches transferable selling skills.
    • Teaches salespeople value-added selling.
    • Reduces staff turnover.
    • Builds sales department morale.
    • Promotes professionalism in selling.
    • Enables managers to manage skills, not personalities.
    • Demonstrates management's commitment to the professional development of personnel.
    • Represents a credible sales training program.
    • Includes materials to continually reinforce the newly acquired sales skills.
    • Provides a sales education program that delivers tangible sales results.

    For Sales Training Instructors:

    • A sales training program that really teaches people how to sell.
    • Easy to administer with a step-by-step Instructor Manual.
    • Complete instructor training provided.
    • Appropriate for facilitators with or without first-hand sales or training experience.
    • Allows for flexibility in implementation.
    • Includes dynamic, state-of-the-art materials and stimulating activities that hold participants attention.
    • Includes a complete follow-up and reinforcement program that does not require additional instructor time.

Track Selling System: Program Content

  • Video Module 1: Selling as a Profession
    • Why selling has a negative image.
    • The characteristics of a successful salesperson.
    • Review of the Greenberg/Harvard Business Review Sales Research.
    • Necessary ingredients for sales success.

    Video Module 2: Approach

    • Importance of physical appearance in the sales process
    • Attitude of the salesperson and its effect on sales.
    • Importance of rapport and how to develop it.
    • Non-verbal communication - signals and impact.
    • Understanding the sales cycle and how it works.
    • Tangible vs. intangible sales.

    Video Module 3: Qualification

    • Information gathering: Asking the right questions.
    • Needs assessment: Understanding your prospect's unique situation.
    • Questioning techniques: Kinds, types and when to use.
    • Understanding the six buying motives.
    • How to be a great salesperson through effective listening skills.

    Video Module 4: Agreement on Need / Sell the Company / Fill the Need

    • Understanding that the prospect's/client's needs means more sales.
    • Why do business with your company?
    • What your prospect needs to know about your company.
    • Describing your product or service: Features, benefits and reaction questions.
    • Sell - don't tell.
    • Use of visuals: How, when and why.
    • How to get your price without "giving away the store."

    Video Module 5: Act of Commitment

    • A simple, low pressure, yet persuasive method to close more sales.
    • How to close the sale more than one time.
    • Positive and effective methods of handling objections.
    • Identifying next steps: Making sure your prospect knows what happens next.

    Video Module 6: Cement the Sale

    • How to keep the sale sold: Preventing buyer's remorse.
    • Building relationships builds your business.
    • Attention to detail: "The little difference makes all the difference."
    • The universal application of the Track Selling System.

    Video Module 7: Planning your Success

    • The difference between winning and second place.
    • How knowledge, skill, and attitude determine your success.
    • Wheel of activityâ„¢: Doing all the "right" things, all the time.
    • How to be more effective through the goal setting process.
    • Continuing personal and professional development throughout the year.