The Track Selling Systemâ„¢ Premier 3 Day Workshop is:

  • A three day (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday), intensive sales training workshop facilitated by experienced sales instructors conducted monthly in Seattle (or a two or three day workshop conducted in-house, tailored for your company).
  • A program that teaches the Track Selling System - a professional, successful, step-by-step sales process that has been proven by more than 250,000 participants.
  • An interactive process that includes role-play, lecture, video, class exercises, and homework, all of which are tailored to the unique sales environment of the participant.
  • An opportunity for participants to have individual attention and personal consultations with our professional sales trainers and to develop real life sales plans to actually be used in the field.

Workshop participants will learn:

1. How the sales process works.
2. How to uncover prospect and/or customer needs.
3. How to close more sales.
4. How to overcome objections.
5. How to reduce prospect resistance.
6. How to exemplify professionalism.
7. How to improve communication skills.
8. How to increase personal and professional confidence.
9. How to increase productivity.
10. How to manage time and territory more effectively.
11. How and why to set goals.
12. How managers can enhance the undeveloped potential of their people.

Personnel who should attend the
Track Selling Systemâ„¢ Workshop:

  • Salespeople
  • Sales Managers
  • Support staff who have prospect and/or customer contact
  • Individuals who are considering selling as a career

Max Sacks International teaches the Track Selling Systemâ„¢: The Complete Selling Process. This selling process is based on psychological studies, research, and years of systematic application and observation.

The process teaches facts, principles, techniques and skills. The participants learn the Buying Decisions, and the psychology behind the seven steps of the Track Selling System. The participants learn how to effectively close the sale or get an act of commitment. The professional salesperson today is a consultant, an advisor, and is in partnership with his or her customer.

Combining a proven sales process with dynamic training will bring results! Salespeople benefit from a simple selling process, and discover new ideas and techniques they can use to dramatically impact their performance. Best of all, they emerge with the self-confidence to put what they have learned into action - for better communication, better sales and better careers - starting the day they complete the Track Selling System workshop.

And the participants learning does not end at the conclusion of the workshop. Participants will continually refer to their workshop manual, reinforcing key ideas and techniques the workshop highlighted. Also included is a one year reinforcement program consisting of the following:

Track Reminder Card: This 3" x 5" laminated card contains the seven steps of the Track Selling System, the six buying motives and the five buying decisions. In one quick glance, the card summarizes the complete selling process.

Weekly Reinforcement Email Program: Each week the participants receives an email reviving a concept, skill or technique and a corresponding activity to reinforce. This gives the salespeople the ability to continually practice and reinforce the skills from the training program.

Monthly Audio Reinforcement Program: A series of 12 audio cassettes or 6 CD's are designed to reinforce the concepts and skills presented in the Track Selling System workshop as well as new material for continued learning. Each set is housed in an attractive album for convenient storage along with the series of sales letters and email communications that managers can use to motivate sales people to listen to the audio program and to apply the skills learned. In addition, Max Sacks International provides sales management executives with guidelines for using the audio library in conjunction with an exciting sales contest.

Track Selling System Tile Coaster: An attractive tile coaster to keep on your desk that displays the seven steps of the Track Selling System, the six buying motives and the five buying decisions. While on the phone or in a meeting, the coaster is valuable reference that clearly outlines the entire selling process.

Manager's Tracking Form: This management tool serves as a foundation for sales meeting discussion, and as a vehicle for monitoring the progress of salespeople as they use their Reinforcement Cards. The chart helps facilitate long range planning, set benchmarks and goals and is designed to track the growth and progress of salespeople over one year.