Becoming a Sales Professional

To succeed in selling in these competitive and uncertain times, becoming a true sales professional is essential.

No longer do salespeople have the luxury of simply being order takers.

Today, only professionals who commit themselves to developing the necessary skills will survive.

Those desiring to become sales professionals must take the initiative to learn to sell effectively. Specifically, they must develop a comprehensive selling methodology that is consistent with the way people buy.

For example, our clients tell us that the Track Selling System™ is the best sales methodology they have ever used.

It is a proven selling method which employs a step by step selling process that leaves nothing to chance.

Additionally, salespeople looking to move to this next level must understand the value of becoming trained. If your goal is to become a true sales professional, there will be a considerable commitment of time, money and effort necessary to achieve that.

Once you have invested in and learned your method, you must then practice it daily - with clients, prospects, co-workers, friends and even with a tape recorder - until it becomes second nature.

Only when you are comfortable and well-versed in your method will you be able to utilize it most effectively.

While there are many sales methodologies, only a methodology which actively places the needs of the customer first will be effective long-term.

I've been teaching this principle for over 40 years and the truth is that while the world, the marketplace and technology have changed, the desire of customers to have their needs met honestly and ethically has not.

People want a competent sales professional who understands their needs and seeks to fulfill them. A sales professional who is always upfront, honest and shows the customer that he or she is there to be of service will always achieve greater success and will, in turn, form the foundation for a prosperous sales career.

As more salespeople train to become professionals, the world benefits from the elevation of selling to the true profession that it is.

In this transition, the sales industry's image will more effectively come into line with its values. Those who embrace them know that the essence of sales professionalism isn't about hitting a quota or making a financial goal.

It's about improving the world by choosing to be of service to each person with whom we come in contact.



Roy Chitwood is an author, trainer and consultant in sales and sales management and is president of Max Sacks International, Seattle.